Wealthy Families Move Their Trusts To New Hampshire

I spent most of my money studying the long litany of tragedy that has met the Johnson & Johnson heirs and beneficiaries to the great healthcare fortune, and I came across the fact that Ned Johnson (who has a large chunk of his wealth in Fidelity Investments) moved his family office and trusts from Massachusetts to Salem, New Hampshire in October 2010.

That brings me to a topic not frequently explored on the site: For passing along wealth, New Hampshire is where you want to run your assets through. The Wall Street Journal went as far as to call New Hampshire’s trust laws “a mini-Switzerland.” You know how every corporation invariably runs through Delaware because of the favorable treatment? My guess is that over the coming twenty or so years, you’ll see New Hampshire become “the Delaware” of trusts.

These are the five big reasons why New Hampshire is becoming Read the rest of this article!