What Warren Buffett’s Will Can Teach You

On a recent CNBC appearance, Warren Buffett discussed the investment strategy for his will:

“Well, I didn’t lay out my whole will. . . . I did explain, because I laid out what I thought the average person who is not an expert on stocks should do. And my widow will not be an expert on stocks. And I wanna be sure she gets a decent result. She isn’t gonna get a sensational result, you know? And since all  my Berkshire shares are going to philanthropy, the question becomes what does she do with the cash that’s left to her? Part of it goes outright, part of it goes to a trustee. But I’ve told the trustee to put 90% of it in an S&P 500 index fund and 10% in short-term governments. And the reason for the 10% in short-term governments is that if there’s a terrible period

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Why People Stop Donating Money To Their Alma Mater

I was reading this academic study on why alumni cease donating to their alma mater, which is titled “Why Alumni Don’t Give: A Qualitative Study of What Motivates Non-Donors to Higher Education.” It addressed a very intriguing question with implications that extend beyond universities to the business world and human relationships at large: Why does someone stop supporting you? It is an interesting question because nearly all business-related inquiries are related to the pursuit of a new customer rather than the retention of a pre-existing one.

I expected that the most dominant reasons for stopping donations would be that the school engaged in some strategy that a donor disapproved of or that the donor that the school’s endowment was doing just fine (thank you) and didn’t need any additional support.

Instead, the number one reason why donors stopped giving money to their school was because it felt like … Read the rest of this article!