Mastercard Employees Should Be 401(k) Millionaires

Mastercard, Inc. has one of the best employer match programs in the entire world. It matches 125% of employee contributions up to 10% of salary. If you are an employee of Mastercard reading this, you would be a fool to put anything less than 10% of your salary into the company’s 401(k) plan.

Right now, Mastercard has several jobs posted on that list a starting pay of $80,000. This future employee will have the choice to save 10% of his salary, or $8,000 per year, and receive a $10,000 match from Mastercard in his 401(k). We are talking $1,500 per month socked away into retirement savings, free to compound with an annual … Read the rest of this article!

Why Are American Schools Failing?

Lately, I have been reading the works of Charles Murray, an author of social commentaries who is not at all popular with those on the left side of the political spectrum. Mostly, I’ve wanted to determine whether his unpopularity is due to the fact that he is right, or whether the criticism that he uses data to fit into his preconceived conclusions is a fair criticism of his work.

One area where I do think his work is right on the money is when he talks about why American public schools have declined. If I had to paraphrase his work into a sentence, it would be this: American public schools are generally on Read the rest of this article!

Procter and Gamble Stock: The Next Twenty Years

The best unexpected perk of regularly writing about stock investments as a blogging hobby is that some incredibly talented, hard-working, and driven audience that is dead serious about personal improvement in their own lives. Over time, it has kind of become a responsibility because there are some readers who are sitting on some very real financial capital and are going through the education process of figuring out how to get the best outcome for what they have. Among these readers is a group of Procter and Gamble retirees that are sitting on large chunks of P&G stock that has compounded at a fairly nice clip throughout their working careers.

When I invest, the … Read the rest of this article!

Average Americans’ Net Worth and Interest Rates – 2019 Edition

Right now, the average wealth per adult in the United States is $403,974 and the median wealth per adult in the United States is $61,667 according to Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report. What I find most interesting is that $327,000 of the $403,974 total wealth, or approximately 81%, is in the form of what we call “financial wealth” or an asset that is capitalized.

In other words, this figure includes the capitalized value of small businesses across America. If you run a small paint company that earns $75,000 per year, and you could sell that business for $150,000, and you have $200,000 spread out in cash, stocks, and bonds, your net worth in … Read the rest of this article!

Tony La Russa’s Commencement Address Applied To Investing

Tony La Russa, the current director of baseball operations for the Arizona Diamondbacks who coached the St. Louis Cardinals to World Series victories in 2006 and 2011, gave the commencement address last week to graduates of Washington University in St. Louis.

In his speech, La Russa mentioned the value of self-reliance and resisting the temptation to outsource your thinking to machines:

I think the essence of personalization is to start with, you personalize your feelings about yourself. The thing I said about having an ego. Personalizing is about respect, trust, and caring. You act in a way that you earn your own respect. Don’t ever fool yourself. You want to trust that

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