Why You Should Follow James Altucher At The Altucher Confidential

There’s about fifteen or so writers in the personal finance realm that I make a point of following regularly. I’ve highlighted some of them—Mr. Money Mustache, Jason Fieber at Dividend Mantra, and Greg McFarlane at Control Your Cash—in previous posts already mentioned on this site. The next writer I wanted to highlight is James Altucher who runs “The Altucher Confidential” at www.jamesaltucher.com.

The one common thread that links every finance writer I admire is that they almost all regard money as a tool that can allow them to reach a particular goal in life (whether they want a sweet beach house in Foley Beach, the accompaniment of a gorgeous woman, or the ability to say cyanora to a soul-sucking job, etc.) and they often document the psychological aspects of the journey. Almost all good finance writing focuses as much on psychology as mechanics. We all know the key to … Read the rest of this article!

Beer, Banks, and Airplanes

For me, 2018 was a somewhat difficult year to find new investments because so many stocks were trading at prices that were not deals. With some publicly traded stocks seeing some real declines in December, we are now starting to see the type of deals that make you think “Hey, this has a fair chance of compounding at 13-15% over the long haul.” That type of opportunity is usually the line that brings out my full energies to the quest.

In my recent Patreon post, I profiled a beer company, a large bank, and a logistics company that are each trading what I consider to be meaningful discounts that put them each in a position to deliver annual returns of at least 13% annualized over the next five years. You can click here to become a subscriber.

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