The Three Most Promising Stock Investments Right Now

Both Milton Friedman and Irving Fisher influenced my view of economics, and consequently, however I view the purchase of publicly traded businesses that we call stock, by calling my mind to the fact that businesses consist of a web of contracts and other required financial obligations that are necessary in order to sell a good or provide a service, and the corporate residue that is leftover after the good is sold or the service is provided is what we call “profit”.

It would follow, then, that the best stocks to purchase are those in which the web of contracts and other required financial obligations can be dramatically curtailed in the future, or alternatively and preferably, where the sale of goods or services can be increased at the maximum rate without a corresponding increase in the costs arising from the web of contracts and other financial obligations that are necessary to Read the rest of this article!

A Book You Should Read: The Richest Man In Babylon


In the United States of America, there are over 500,000 people that work in the diet and fitness industry. The funny thing about that is the fact that almost all of the advice concerning health could boil down to one sentence: either “exercise more and eat less” or “consume fewer calories than you expend.” Everything else is a derivation or a specific look at that principle. The entire industry is built upon a permutation of that principle.

Personal finance and investing is much the same way. Even though it is a crowded space (I can only imagine how many finance writers and investing advisors exist in the United States alone), the message is not terribly complex. A successful financial life all boils down to one thing: spend less than you earn, and do something intelligent with that surplus. My website is dedicated to advocacy of documenting why high-quality blue chips … Read the rest of this article!