The Glory Of Investing In Utility Stocks


I love me a good utility stock. As far as defensive investments go, they are often about as stable an investment as you can find in this world. There are no sure things in life, but betting on people to continue to use water and electricity is about as close to a guarantee as you can find in common stock investing.

York Water is one of those utility investments that should make an income investor want to sing. It really has the most beautiful dividend history of any company I have ever come across. York Water has been paying uninterrupted dividends since 1816. That is awesome in every single sense of the word. … Read the rest of this article!

Tilray Stock Is Horribly, Offensively Overvalued

Remember around Christmastime when Bitcoin pushed towards a price of over $19,300 for a single Bitcoin? It was an absurd bubble in that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, and some order has been restored as the price has come down to $6,300. Eventually, it will all wither away.

But in the meantime, marijuana/pot stocks appear eager to pick up where Bitcoin left off. In particular, it has come to my attention that Tilray (TLRY), a medical marijuana production firm with $20 million in revenues, and somewhere between $200,000 and $3 million in net profits, has increased from $35 per share to $214 per share for a valuation of around $20 billion.

Needless to … Read the rest of this article!