Stop Market Timing and Start Dividend Investing


Often enough, you will hear from conventional financial planners that quickly entering and exiting certain stock market investments has the realistic possibility of being a futile endeavor, and usually the explanation “why” simply focuses on the fact that stock market prices are fickle in the short term and can take years and years to correctly reflect the value of the enterprise you have in mind. That’s absolutely part of the equation, but there is more to it than that: almost all of the stock market’s gains come in very short bursts that are wildly unpredictable.

If you removed the 100 best days in stock market history since 1926, you would lose 33% of … Read the rest of this article!

Visa Stock’s Investment Returns Through 2028

From a pure business dominance perspective, I can think of few businesses in the history of Western Civilization that have created a better combination of ubiquity and high growth than the e-payment network giant Visa (V). Companies that receive payments, which are loathe to pay out fees for each transaction, have little choice but to gin up and bear it because customers avail themselves of making purchases with either Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, a debit card, a store card/private label card, or cash.

Outside of tech, the net profit margins of 43.8% are so fantastic among blue-chips as to be essentially peerless. I remember watching old Warren Buffett lectures from the early … Read the rest of this article!