Wealthy Americans Lie About Charitable Giving

In 1973, Pew Research asked the typical American whether it is okay tell “white lies” or “harmless lies” that were intended to spare the feelings of the lie’s recipient. Over 79% said that this type of lying was morally wrong.

In 2015, the question was asked again. This time, there was a steep drop, as only 43% said that this type of lying was morally wrong.

Unfortunately, America’s wealthy seemed to do its part to tilt the trend. In 1973, wealthy participants weighed in at 89% to say that this type of lying was wrong. By 2015, only 27% of the wealthy considered this wrong.

This change manifests itself in a lie told about charitable giving. In 2002, Boston College’s Center on Wealth and Philanthropy published a research study titled: “Charitable Giving: How Much, By Whom, To What, And How?” that gave wealthy participants a $200 reward for completing an … Read the rest of this article!