Computershare FAQ: Is Computershare Safe?

Computershare is one of the biggest sources of inquiries that I receive through my site’s e-mail address. There seems to be a lot of people out there who wonder what Computershare is, and whether Computershare is a safe source to purchase stocks through.

The short answer: Computershare is possibly the most legit source you can choose to purchase stock. When a company goes public through an IPO, or wants to raise capital through an additional offering, it is the issuer and must keep track of who the shareholder base is. As you can imagine, that is a complicated and ever-changing job, and something that most companies have no interest doing.

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Alphabet Stock: High Chance Of Outperforming S&P 500

From a psychological point of view, I find that growth at a reasonable price investing is far more satisfying than deep value investing.

If you overpay for a strong company, you know that the passage of time is your friend. With each earnings report that propels the earnings per share rate ever higher, you get to see the intrinsic value of your ownership position increase in value. It’s fun owning things where the question is: “How much did the profits grow this year?” When the underlying profits are growing quickly, it is easy to dismiss moments when the stock price lags the growth in earnings. If earnings grow by 15% in 2016, and the stock price only advances 5%, there’s no real cause for concern unless you dramatically overpaid at the outset.

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