Facebook Stock is Valued at $270 Billion

“He was not swayed by what other people were doing or how the world was feeling that day or anything of the sort.” Isn’t that a great quote? It is what Warren Buffett said on June 25, 2011 when he was describing his mentor Benjamin Graham. Although there are limitations to the Graham strategy of investing, the greatest advantage of demanding earnings upfront at the time you make an investment is that you can receive satisfactory returns even if the business never grows as fast as you initially thought.

One of Wall Street’s current darlings is social media giant Facebook.

Right now, Facebook trades at $93.24 per share. If the stock rises a bit more to $95.20, it will be trading at 100x earnings. The value of the company is closing in on $270 billion. That is crazy–it is closing in on ExxonMobil, which makes over $35 billion per year … Read the rest of this article!