BP Stock As Part Of A Portfolio Aimed At Creating Intergenerational Wealth

Lately, I’ve been studying the companies that don’t have perfectly linear records of dividend growth, but have a strong tendency to give owners lots of cash for decades on end, especially when adjusted for the amount of money you have to invest (e.g. I’ve been looking at the companies that typically offer an initial yield north of 5% or so and offers a dividend that is generally higher every business cycle compared to the last).

My studies keep bringing me back to BP, because the company is beyond huge (it’s going to generate $14.5 billion in net profit this year, about 50% more than Coca-Cola as a frame of reference), has often served as Britain’s proxy equivalent to Exxon Mobil as the stock that you hold forever as you pass it down from generation to generation, and is one of the fair value stocks left in the market because people are hung up on the oil spill in 2010 even though BP is going to be fine in the long run because even after having to sell off a third of its business, the remains still generate almost $15 billion per year in annual profit.

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