What The Heck Should We Think About BP Stock Right Now?

My guess is that anyone who is a lawyer, or at least familiar with the legal process enough to understand that separate, discrete elements need to be met in order to win a lawsuit, looks to a nearby wall to contemplate head-pounding upon reading most political/social/legal commentary on the BP lawsuit resulting from its 2010 oil spill.

Why do I say that?

Because almost no commentary on the BP oil spill has discussed in depth the heart of the issue that Judge Carl Barbier of the U.S. District Court in New Orleans, LA addressed yesterday:

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Roth IRA Investments: Do You Want High Dividends Or Rapid Growth?

When investing within the confines of a Roth IRA, there are two different strategies that an investor can pursue (or combine them both) to work around the $5,500 maximum contribution limit that are allowed to put into the account.

The first strategy involves focusing on growth that you can convert into income later—imagine if you spent a couple years putting $5,500 into something like Visa, Disney, or Becton Dickinson. They tend to grow in the 10-13% range, although neither of the three companies pay a particularly high starting dividend yield at the moment.

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