$325,000 Profits From Selling Artisan Soap

In 2014, the wife of one of my college friends was looking to develop some type of business launch while she was at home nursing and raising their first child together.

She remembered that her grandmother had a family-famous recipe for face-cleansing soap that was passed down between the recipes.

Armed with the soap recipe, she began to create three-packs of the soap bars that she sold online in the usual places.

Because she felt a connection with her grandmother’s insistence on quality, and because she had the free time to do it right, she would discard any misshapen soap and offered a 100% refund guarantee to any customer that desired a refund.

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Gaztelugatxe Church: A Permanent, Narrow Mission

Inigo Lopez was a Spanish lord who issued decrees signed by the authority “Gratia Dei”, or loosely, “by the Grace of God” as he sought to elevate his own standing to that of the king, Garcia Sanchez III of Navarre. Up until that time, it was uncontested that the king in a Christian monarchy was appointed by God, and then the monarch could appoint subordinates that acted pursuant to the authority by the king. Lopez’ logic was that, if a king were appointed by God and exercising authority that flowed from that, the power of the appointments must also be vested by God as well.

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William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! Book Deal

I agree with the Oxford American panel that declared William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! to be the greatest work in the history of Southern literature. Aside from the brilliance of the story, some of Faulkner’s sentences are so unique and evocative that it can be said that the world of Southern literature would have a gaping hole had he never written. Some of my favorites:

  • “She accepted that, not reconciled, accepted. As though there is a breathing point in outrage when you can accept it almost with gratitude since you can say to yourself, ‘Thank God, this is all. At least I now know all of it.”
  • “Surely there is something even in the demoniac, which Satan flees, aghast at his own handiwork, and which God looks on in pity…”
  • “If happy I can be I will, if suffer I must I can.”
  • “When you have hated somebody for forty-three years you will know them awfully well.”
  • “Maybe nothing ever happens once and is finished. Maybe happen is never once but like ripples maybe on water after the pebble sinks, the ripples moving on, spreading, the pool attached by a narrow umbilical water-cord to the next pool…”

When Faulkner wrote Absalom, he was already critically acclaimed and successful due to the success of his 1929 work The Sound and The Fury.

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What Could Delay The Rise of Automation

There is a lag of time between when a new technology exists and when it becomes commercially applied. In 1997, Wal-Mart was approached to implement an automatic-cart collector system that relied on magnets to automatically sort shopping carts and reload them into the store. Wal-Mart executives declined, as the technology was rudimentary and would be subject to significant maintenance overhauls with no guarantees that the operating system wouldn’t have to be regularly overhauled.

When a business contemplates adding a new technology, it must address whether the need is permanent (i.e. why invest in a technology system if the problem wouldn’t exist three months from now?). And if the need is permanent, there needs to be some assurance that the new technology will address the problem on an ongoing basis.

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Why Real Estate Listings Still Contain Exaggerations

In 1954, real estate agents acting on behalf of homeowners in California began including flyers attached to the yard signs indicating that their property was for sale.

When a home lacked curb appeal, the real estate agents that wanted to catch the buyer’s attention would attach written flyers promising better views inside.

To capture attention, these agents would use words like “spacious”, “comfortable”, “original vintage”, “luxurious”, “cozy”, “beautiful”, “paradise”, “classic”, “upscale”, and “charming”. The theory was that these adjectives would catch your attention enough to see if the inside lived up to the hype on the inside.

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