Peeking at California’s Mesothelioma Attorneys

Since 1988, California juries have awarded approximately $42 billion in damages to victims of mesothelioma that have dealt with the cancer that manifests itself two to four decades after asbestos exposure.

Unfortunately for the victims, companies have been able dodge asbestos liability by filing for bankruptcy, establishing a trust fund for future mesothelioma litigation which limits the recovery potential for the affected persons that bring the lawsuit, and then continue on with their business as if they didn’t leave behind a trail of cancer-inducing harm in their wake.

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ExxonMobil Stock This Generation

The ExxonMobil Corporation (XOM), the largest of the “Seven Sisters” that originally comprised the Standard Oil Trust brought to the market by John Rockefeller in 1882, provides one of the most important lessons on what it means to be a long-term investor.

With cyclical stocks, I find it difficult to pound it into both the heads and hearts of my audience just how long it can take for an investment thesis to come to fruition.

If you invest in the oil majors, you almost have to dedicate yourself to become an income investor because the investment returns in the sector are so non-linear.

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