Apple Stock’s Slice of America

About a year ago, Apple stock (AAPL) traded at $92 per share. Right now, it is trading at $155 per share. This significant June-to-June swing of 68%–a little over 70% when you include dividend payouts—gives students of the market much to analyze and reflect upon.

Apple stock has added 70% in shareholder value over the past year. Despite this, its overall profits haven’t changed much and its weighting in the S&P 500 has largely held steady.

My takeaways:

The theory that the stock market is a near-perfect calculator of the intrinsic value of a business is once again debunked. Apple is the largest business in America. Its profits have vacillated between $45 billion and $48 billion the past three years. The new project announcements and cash build-ups have proceeded as expected. There haven’t been any crazy events, such as annexing Google, that would justify a massive reorientation due to unpredictable circumstances.

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