The 20 Best Investing Tips

A lot of people ask me: When are you going to stop holding back on your best stuff and share the superior risk-adjusted investment ideas that you have and the process for how you arrived at those insights?

That’s a question that I’ve been intending to answer for the past five years, but today, I am finally getting around to releasing an e-book that answers those two questions.

It has taken me a few months to compile everything, but I have put together a list of my best investment ideas in a digestable format that lists the twenty best investing tips that I know.

Personally, I tend to learn best when (1) people tell me a general rule that leads to success, (2) they explain to me why it will lead to success, and (3) then I am given a real-life example of how this rule is applied.

That is my format for my “The 20 Best Investing Tips” e-book. I state a specific aspect of investment analysis that leads to success, I explain why it leads to success, and then I point out a company in real time that shares those characteristics and is in the process of creating significant wealth for its shareholders.

One of the downsides of general investment commentary (and I am sometimes guilty of this) is that terms are used without a definition or a particularity being applied. You get told to “think for the long term.” You get told to “buy quality.” You get told to be a “patient value investor.” We talk about going “bargain hunting.” All of these things sound great as concepts, but they are meaningless until you learn how to actually do it with real stocks that force you to connect theory with reality.

I offer something different by breaking down the theoretical aspects of investing success into the concrete elements, and from there, I discuss businesses that actually meet those elements right now and explain why.

My goal with all of my finance writings is to be better than I used to be, but I wanted this e-book to represent an unusually large stride forward. Before I began writing this, I read through all of Warren Buffett’s old shareholder letters and then asked myself: “What would I have to do in order to deliver more value to readers than they get waking up on a Saturday morning in February to read Berkshire’s annual letter?”

I concluded that the answer involved sharing novelty of insight mixed with actionable ideas that you won’t find anywhere else. I believe I have created an e-book that is not only fertile soil for further investment research, but also something that provides a concise checklist that you can visit before making your next investments.

For competitive reasons as I am still purchasing some of the stocks mentioned in my e-book, I am limiting sales to 1,000 copies and then removing the e-book for purchase after that.

If you want this, click here to purchase “The 20 Best Investing Tips.”

Thank you for your continued support.
-Tim McAleenan Jr.