The 20 Best Investing Tips

A lot of people ask me: When are you going to stop holding back on your best stuff and share the superior risk-adjusted investment ideas that you have and the process for how you arrived at those insights?

That’s a question that I’ve been intending to answer for the past five years, but today, I am finally getting around to releasing an e-book that answers those two questions.

It has taken me a few months to compile everything, but I have put together a list of my best investment ideas in a digestable format that lists the twenty best investing tips that I know.

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Dividend Cuts: Before, During, and After

I was reviewing some of the high-profile dividend cuts in the past five years–Pitney Bowes, Conoco Phillips, BHP Billiton, Viacom, Wells Fargo, General Electric, Dow Chemical, American Express, U.S. Bancorp–and I was trying to figure out if there were some elements regarding investor sentiment that could aid us in drafting some common rules relating to the experience.

Here is what I found:

In the nine months preceding a dividend cut, these stocks saw their earnings decline by an average of 62.3%.

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