If You Have A Question, Ask It Now

Exam season for me is fast aproaching these next 2-3 weeks, and this is the time of year when I completely check out from finance writing and have to focus on the “real life” side of things (at least, to the extent that the bubble world of academia can be called real life).

That means that tonight is going to be my last day dedicated to writing any kind of finance content until after December 15th or so.

Two more things to add:

(1) I’m going to spend the next eight hours doing nothing but writing content, so hopefully this blog will get updated between now and December 15th, even though I won’t be around much.

(2) If you have a question that you’d like to see addressed publicly in its own blog post, send me an e-mail to [email protected] or post a question below this article entry now. There is a very good chance it will get answered and scheduled to be posted.

My plan is to get at least six or seven articles scheduled to be posted between now and December 15th, but we’ll see what I can do.

I hope all of you guys are doing well, and you’re in a better place with your finances, relationships, and health right now than you were this time last November.

God Bless,